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Can CBD Help You Get The Best Sleep Of Your Life?

Sleep. It’s necessary for our bodies and minds to function properly, but many people fail to get the hours necessary. Missing even a few hours of sleep can wreak havoc on our mental and physical state, but the truth remains that getting the daily eight hours is nearly impossible for most.

In fact, over 70% of adults report not getting enough sleep, making sleep deprivation one of the most widespread chronic conditions. If you count yourself in this group, there’s good news; some of our customers state that CBD may help them get the elusive rest they need without any unwanted side effects. If you’re ready to stop counting sheep and start getting the good night’s sleep you deserve, keep reading.

What Is CBD? 

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the active ingredients found within cannabis, which is a part of the hemp plant. Unlike marijuana which contains tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive ingredient which causes the infamous “high,” CBD has no mind-altering qualities and is not considered an addictive substance. 

The Benefits Of CBD For Sleep

CBD has long held a reputation for helping people overcome pain, anxiety, and more, but many also say it helps with sleep. Why is CBD many people’s go-to for drifting off to dreamland? Let’s take a look at some of the possible effects of using CBD for sleep.

Tackling Insomnia

If you’ve ever laid awake at night staring at the ceiling, you know how frustrating insomnia can be. Insomnia occurs when your hypothalamus (cue eighth-grade science class) isn’t able to regulate stress properly, allowing for an overactive reaction when your body should be at rest. CBD may work to suppress the overactivation of this dysregulated stress cycle, equalizing the wake/sleep rhythm so you can finally fall asleep. In fact, studies between CBD and delta-9 THC found that CBD was more effective at decreasing insomnia symptoms; no psychoactive component necessary.

Circadian Rhythm Disruption

Your circadian rhythm is what runs your sleep/wake cycle, so it’s easy to see why your body can go into a tailspin if it’s disrupted. CBD may help you not only sleep more but have higher quality sleep, resulting in more REM cycles and allowing your body to cycle through its normal sleep stages. It is believed this occurs due to CBD’s effect on cannabinoid receptors, which are a vital part of sleep cycle regulation. 

Decreased Anxiety

We briefly touched on how some people add CBD to their lives and ways to decrease anxiety, which aids in calming the mind and body and promotes sleep. CBD is thought to act on a person’s endocannabinoid receptors in the limbic system, which directly regulates emotions. When you’re calm and relaxed, falling asleep is much easier!

If you’re ready to discover all that CBD offers, turn to CBD Caring. At CBD Caring, we offer the highest quality CBD products, tested and sourced from the most reputable suppliers. Now you can try CBD and see the difference it makes for your mind and body with CBD Caring. 

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